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Arcade Fire - Reflektor (Full Album) HD →

If you haven’t already, please be sure to listen to it’s album in it’s entirety. I haven’t been fully enveloped like this, or been able to listen to an album on repeat, since the early 2000’s. Incredible songs, filled with depth and meaning and emotion, all wrapped up in a 80’s pop-synth sound crashing into 70’s disco and 90’s alt-rock. This album is a fucking masterpiece.

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I was thinking there HAD to be a version of the roof pizza scene with a laugh track and gosh golly darn the internet does not disappoint

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I just cried like a little bitch to the ending of The Office.

It’s just so beautiful man. People are great. 

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Cholesterol at 232 at 25 years old

I guess I’ll be dining on red wine and chocolate for a while. Life’s real fuckin’ hard.

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I might reblog this set of pictures more then anything else

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30 hours awake so far

Just another 7 hours. I can fuckin do this.

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My redneck roommate

He won’t stop listening to Nickelback. And Creed. And Kid Rock. On full blast. While making moonshine. I swear I’m going to murder the shit out of him.

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